Fila Brasileiro's are my passion. I have spent the last 40 years living with, learning about, and loving this great breed. Yet they still have new things to show me, these wonderful companions and guardians. I live with ten Fila's ranging in age from 10 months to eleven years old. We live on a farm and the Fila's are a huge help in my daily life. Moving sheep, keeping predators from the chickens and turkeys and watching over the whole place with keen eyes and ready to defend against intruders. They are the perfect companions and are truly my family.

 If you are looking for a loyal friend and protector and have the life style that is suitable for a Fila then you will find no better dog. I am happy to talk to you about the breed and help you decide if the Fila Brasileiro is the right choice for you. There is usually a waiting list for our Fila, particularly males. All breeding stock is of correct conformation, with good hips/elbows and excellent movement befitting a working dog. They are also temperament tested. Most are CAFIB approved, or awaiting analysis.  Our puppies have a 2 year health guarantee and I am always available to answer your questions whether about your new puppies diet, advice on breeding or managing the older dog.