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Carioca is the oldest Fila Brasileiro kennel in the United States. This year we celebrate 40 years of raising, training and breeding these exceptional dogs. Located on a 38 acre farm near Raleigh, North Carolina  we concentrate on breeding our Fila for traditional temperament and type . They are the ultimate family guardians. Our Filas have  done very well in dog shows and temperament tests. Our Filas are health tested OFA PENN HIP GENSOL.

 These days their focus is to work with the sheep and guard the farm against predators of all kinds.  We were the first American breeder join CAFIB and believe in its philosophy of  preserving the original Fila. All our breedings are carefully planned and the results are exceptional.Our ultimate goal is to protect and preserve the original traditional Fila Brasileiro. Puppies coming Spring 2023, check back for updates!